Local Installation


For the majority of users we recommend that you use the LigDig web server. But in some cases you might want to install a local version of LigDig. For this we provide the LigDig source code under the GPLv3.

In some cases the source code alone might be useful, e.g. to see how calculations are performed. But to run the server using only the source code is somewhat non-trivial since there are many dependencies. To help minimise problems with dependencies we have produced a docker script that builds a docker container to run LigDig. This should hopefully mean that you can run a local instance of the LigDig server on your machine. Read on for detailed instructions.

Note that this is a new feature of LigDig, and as such should be considered as beta software. We will do our best to make sure that LigDig runs within a docker container as described in the instructions. We cannot however support e.g. installation on a machine without docker, or installation on a virtual machine.


Installation instructions are available here.

The LigDig source code is available as a zip archive.

The files required to generate a Docker container are available here.