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Simulation of Diffusional Association
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mod_gridtype.f90 File Reference


module  mod_gridtype
 Module grid and charges types
Writen long time ago, convenient in force, but could evolve.


subroutine mod_gridtype::print_gridtype (t_grid)
 Print the name of the grid given its number. More...
integer function mod_gridtype::get_nb_gridtype (name)
 Get the grid number given its name. More...
integer function mod_gridtype::get_sizeof_sgrid ()
 function could be in mod_setofgrid
not really used More...
subroutine mod_gridtype::print_analyticaltype (code_anal)
 Print the name of the grid given its number. More...
integer function mod_gridtype::get_nb_analyticaltype (name)
 Get the grid number given its name. More...
integer function mod_gridtype::get_sizeof_analytic_grid ()
 function could be in mod_setofgrid
not really used More...


integer, parameter mod_gridtype::electro =1
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::desolv =2
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::hydrophob =3
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::repulsive_lj =4
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::lennardjones =5
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::image_charge = 6
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::metal_desolv = 7
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::exclusion =8
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::accessibility =9
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::list_surfatom =10
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::charge =11
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::charge_square =12
integer, dimension(12) mod_gridtype::enum_grid_types = [electro,desolv,hydrophob,repulsive_lj,lennardjones, image_charge, metal_desolv, exclusion,accessibility,list_surfatom, charge, charge_square]
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::debyeh =-1
integer, parameter mod_gridtype::other =-2
integer, dimension(2) mod_gridtype::enum_analytic_types = [debyeh, other]
integer mod_gridtype::enum_grid_force_calc = 5
 only the first enum_grid_force_calc are used for force and energies computation More...

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Enumeration and function of the different grids and charges and array used in sda