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Simulation of Diffusional Association
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mod_type_calculation.f90 File Reference

Define the type of the calculation : sda_2proteins, sda_energy, sdamm,... More...

Data Types

type  mod_type_calc::type_calculation
 Define an enumeration for the type of the calculation and parameters for the false parralel options. More...


module  mod_type_calc
 Define the type of calculation, and "false parralel" option.


character(15) function mod_type_calc::get_string (this)
 Get the string format of the type_calculation. More...
integer function mod_type_calc::get_type_enum (this)
 Get the integer value from the type_calculation. More...


integer, parameter mod_type_calc::sda_2proteins = 1
 enumeration for the type of the calculation More...
integer, parameter mod_type_calc::sdamm = 2
integer, parameter mod_type_calc::sda_koff =3
integer, parameter mod_type_calc::sda_energy = 4
integer, parameter mod_type_calc::sda_pmf = 5

Detailed Description

Define the type of the calculation : sda_2proteins, sda_energy, sdamm,...

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