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 ====== Teaching, Courses and Tutorials ====== ​ ====== Teaching, Courses and Tutorials ====== ​
   * [[:​courses:​hbigs:​hbigs|HBIGS graduate school courses]] (http://​www.hbigs.uni-heidelberg.de/,​ restricted)   * [[:​courses:​hbigs:​hbigs|HBIGS graduate school courses]] (http://​www.hbigs.uni-heidelberg.de/,​ restricted)
-  * [[bioinfcourse:​bioinfcourse|B.Sc. bioinformatics course at Univ. Heidelberg]] (restricted) 
   * [[:​courses:​physics:​graduate|Physics graduate school course]] (restricted)   * [[:​courses:​physics:​graduate|Physics graduate school course]] (restricted)
-  * [[:​courses:​molbiophys:​computation|Computational Molecular Biophysics]] Lecture and Practical (restricted) +  ​* [[:​courses:​mcm:​computation:​cmssbdd| HGSMathComp graduate school - Computational methods and strategies in structure-based drug design]] (restricted) 
 +  * [[:​courses:​hgs:​ratetheories|HGSMathComp graduate school - Reaction rate theories and computational methods]] (restricted) by Prof. Dr. Huan-Xiang Zhou at HGS Mathcomp 
 +  ​* [[:​courses:​molbiophys:​computation|M.Sc. Computational Molecular Biophysics]] Lecture and Practical ​(restricted) 
 +  * [[:​courses:​mcm:​ml |M.Sc. Machine Learning for the Molecular/​Biomolecular World]] Seminar (restricted) 
 +  * [[:​courses:​mcm:​mcb:​|M.Sc. Molecular and Cellular Biology]] (restricted) 
 +  * [[:​courses:​mcm:​biochem:​|M.Sc. Biochemistry]] (restricted) 
 +  * [[:​courses:​mcm:​mobi:​|B.Sc. and M.Sc. Molecular Biotechnology]] (restricted) 
 +  * [[bioinfcourse:​bioinfcourse|B.Sc. bioinformatics course at Univ. Heidelberg]] (restricted) 
 +  * [[:​courses:​mcm:​structuredynamics:​|B.Sc. Structure and Dynamics of biological macromolecules]] ​(restricted) 
 ====== Workshops and Conferences ====== ====== Workshops and Conferences ======
 Please find a list of workshops and conferences [[conferences:​conferences|here]] Please find a list of workshops and conferences [[conferences:​conferences|here]]