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 https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​plugin:​sortablejs https://​www.dokuwiki.org/​plugin:​sortablejs
-<​sortable 2> ^Column 1^Column 2^Column 3^ |1|Row one|first| |2|Row two|second| |3|Row three|third| </​sortable> ​See more at: http://​docs.oseems.com/​general/​web/​dokuwiki/​sort-table#​sthash.y7WrsHTE.dpuf+<​sortable 2> 
 +^Column 1^Column 2^Column 3^ 
 +|1|Row one|first| ​ 
 +|2|Row two|second| ​ 
 +|3|Row three|third| ​ 
 +</​sortable> ​ 
 +See more at: http://​docs.oseems.com/​general/​web/​dokuwiki/​sort-table#​sthash.y7WrsHTE.dpuf