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-==== MCM ====+{{:​projects:​mcm_logo.jpg|MCM projects}} 
 +===== Molecular and Cellular Modeling Project pages =====
-[[MCM::​MCM]] ​internal Dokuwiki page (restricted)+  * [[http://​www.h-its.org/​english/​research/​mcm/​index.php|go to official ​MCM page on the HITS website]]  
-[[http://​projects.villa-bosch.de/​mcm/​local/​group|internal zope page]] (restricted)+  * [[MCM::MCM]] internal Dokuwiki page (restricted)
-[[http://​www.h-its.org/​english/​research/​mcm/​index.php|official MCM page]] +==== Software Distributions,​ Databases and Webservers =====
-==== Projects ​====+
-[[BioRN::BioRN]] Project information (restricted)+  * [[projects::software| List of software and databases]] 
-[[LIGHTS::​LIGHTS]] Project information (restricted)+==== Workshop/​Courses/​Tutorials ====
-[[SYSMO::SYSMO|SysMO-LAB]] Project information (restricted)+  * [[Conferences::Conferences|Conferences and Workshops]] 
 +  * [[Courses::​Courses]] 
-[[VirtualLiver::​VirtualLiver|Virtual Liver]] Project information for the virtual liver Project (for program code see the ligdig section below). ​ (restricted) 
-[[LigDig:​LigDig|LigDig]] Project information for the sysmolab2 and virtual liver Project.+==== Data/​Supplemental material ====
-==== Workshops ​Courses ====+  * [[projects::​data|Data/Supplemental Material]] 
 +  * [[http://​mcm.h-its.org/​archive/​data|Supplemental data published before 2011]]
-[[BDBDB2::BDBDB2]] Posters, talks and recordings from the [[http://​mcm.h-its.org/​BDBDB2/​|BDBDB2]] conference +==== Projects ==== 
- +  * [[MCM::MCM]] internal Dokuwiki page (restricted) 
-[[Courses::Courses]] Courses and Tutorials+  ​* ​[[projects::projects]] Project exchange with project partners (mostly restricted)
 ==== Miscellaneous ==== ==== Miscellaneous ====
 +  * [[mbmmcm:​mbmmcm|MBM/​MCM seminar]]
 +  * [[exchange:​exchange|MCM Data exchange]]
 +  * [[teaching:​teaching|Teaching Data]] Supplemental material used in teaching (restricted)
 +  * [[Playground::​Playground]] Area to show features and usage of installed plugins
 +  * [[http://​projects.villa-bosch.de/​mcm/​local/​group|internal zope archive]] (restricted) ​
-[[Cluster::​Cluster]] Cluster information (restricted) 
-[[Playground::​Playground]] Area to show features of installed plugins