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MCM internal information internal Dokuwiki page (restricted)

internal zope page (restricted)

official MCM page


BioRN "Transient Binding Pockets" Project information (restricted)

ToDo Chaperone (restricted)

LIGHTS Project information (restricted)

SysMO-LAB Project information (restricted)

Virtual Liver Project information for the virtual liver Project (for program code see the ligdig section below). (restricted)

LigDig Project information for the sysmolab2 and virtual liver Project.

Master Thesis Monninger Project information for the master thesis from Thomas Monninger

Workshops / Courses

BDBDB2 Posters, talks and recordings from the BDBDB2 conference

Teaching, Courses and Tutorials Courses and Tutorials


MCM Data exchange

Cluster Cluster information (restricted)

PlayGround Area to show features of installed plugins

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