SDA (SDA flex)  7.2
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mod_geometry::box Type Reference

Derived class box. More...

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Public Attributes

real(kind=4), dimension(3) sizebox
 Define the dimension of the box. More...
real(kind=4) x_min
 Define the limit of the box position. More...
real(kind=4) x_max
real(kind=4) y_min
real(kind=4) y_max
real(kind=4) z_min
real(kind=4) z_max

Detailed Description

Derived class box.

Member Data Documentation

◆ sizebox

real ( kind=4), dimension( 3 ) mod_geometry::box::sizebox

Define the dimension of the box.

◆ x_max

real ( kind=4 ) mod_geometry::box::x_max

◆ x_min

real ( kind=4 ) mod_geometry::box::x_min

Define the limit of the box position.

◆ y_max

real ( kind=4 ) mod_geometry::box::y_max

◆ y_min

real ( kind=4 ) mod_geometry::box::y_min

◆ z_max

real ( kind=4 ) mod_geometry::box::z_max

◆ z_min

real ( kind=4 ) mod_geometry::box::z_min

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