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MCM software and databases

This page has links for webservers and software downloads provided by the Molecular and Cellular Modeling (MCM) group at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS). There are tutorials for some software on our tutorials page. For queries, send email to:

Description Input Type Main
TRAPP v3 Tool for analysis of transient
binding pockets in proteins
Structures, Ligands,
Standalone Software 1) Download TRAPP
Webserver 2) Run TRAPP analysis
TRAPP v4 Tool for druggability analysis of transient
binding pockets in proteins
Structures, Ligands,
Webserver not yet released
L-RIP / RIPLig Two non-equilibrium MD approaches
for the identification of
slow conformational changes of a
protein binding site​
Protein structure Standalone also
used within TRAPP
3) L-RIP and RIPlig
The Random Acceleration Molecular
Dynamics (RAMD) method can be used
to carry out molecular dynamics simulations
with an additional randomly
oriented force applied to a molecule
in the system.

see RAMD additional information
NAMD simulation setup NAMD Plugin 4) 5) Included in NAMD
distribution (plugin directory)
also here with
additional resources
$\tau$RAMD scripts 6) 7) Includes RAMD plugin
with additional scripts
Simulation of Diffusional Association -
Brownian Dynamics Software
ECM is part of the SDA distribution
and allows the
calculation of partial charges.
Structures of
Standalone Software 8) Download SDA
Webserver 9) Run webSDA
Comparing electrostatic potentials
(or other molecular interaction fields)
of protein structures
Protein Structures
of the same fold
Standalone Software 10) 11) Download PIPSA/Multipipsa
Python Interface
Webserver 12) Run Pipsa Analysis
Sycamore SYstems biology's Computational
Analysis and MOdeling Research Environment
Kinetic Data Webserver 13) Sycamore webserver
ProSAT+ Protein structure visualization and
annotation tool.
Display protein annotations
(eg mutation data from uniprot)
on protein structures from RCSB.
PDB or Uniprot codes Webserver 14)
Hemoglobin example '1o1o'
Molsurfer Protein structure tool
to link a 2D projection of a
macromolecular interface to a 3D
view of the macromolecular structures
ADS Analytically Defined molecular Surfaces
is used within Molsurfer
PDB/PQR files
or PDB codes
Webserver 15) 16)
Neuraminidase 1nca example
KBbox KBbox: a Toolbox of
Computational Methods for Studying
the Kinetics of Molecular Binding
Search term Webserver Search KBbox

Some software has been migrated to other research groups

Software for molecular docking using surface complementarity, see: Sobolev, V., Wade, R.C., Vriend, G. & Edelman, M. Molecular docking using surface complementarity, PROTEINS, 25, 120-129 (1996)
Webserver to identify pockets on protein surfaces to predict binding sites for ligands

Methods and software developed with participation of members of MCM are available at other research groups

COMBINE analysis
Comparative Binding Energy Analysis Literature Tutorial gCOMBINE
University of Houston Brownian Dynamics TutorialContact
Computational method for identifying energetically favorable binding sites on biological molecules Tutorial

Not updated software

AMBER patches
AMBER patches from the MCM group at HITS for RAMD and NPSA
Select and group residue-based annotations and explore them interactively on a 3D structure of a protein
Tool to map SwissProt features and Prosite patterns on to a 3D structure of a protein
LigDig: a web server for querying ligand–protein interactions
Database of Simulated Molecular Motions
A Tool to Analyze Trajectories from Molecular Simulations
pka calculation
Scripts for pKa calculations with UHBD